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Strategic Initiatives


The Office of Human Resources serves as a strategic partner to advance the mission of the University by attracting, developing, and inspiring excellence in a diverse and inclusive campus community.


The Office of Human Resources strives to be a strategically-driven leader in higher education human resources by providing effective solutions to our customers through innovation, collaboration, and exceptional service.

    Strategic Initiatives

    HR Performance Excellence:

    Continue development of an innovative, strategic-focused Human Resources (HR) team that consistently demonstrates HR Service Excellence and maximizes organizational effectiveness.

    • Maximize the potential for HR employee development, leadership development and succession planning. 
    • Cultivate a workplace culture where HR employees contribute their best work, advance their personal success and support the mission of FSU.   
    • Enhance the customer experience and exceed stakeholder expectations through continuous improvement in the delivery of effective and efficient HR services to support University needs.   

    Talent Management

    Maintain a high performing and diverse workforce by attracting, engaging, and retaining key talent, increasing individual and team performance, and sustaining FSU as a great place to work.

    • Expand recruitment efforts through new and innovative recruiting strategies and employer branding.   
    • Inculcate a culture of career enrichment. 
    • Champion the University’s Diversity and Inclusion charge.  

    Total Rewards

    Ensure fair and competitive, cost-effective Total Rewards’ programs that enhance the well-being of employees, retain key talent, and position FSU as an employer of choice.

    • Ensure a fair and market competitive compensation structure to help attract, retain, and reward high-performing talent. 
    • Develop policies and best practices in the area of work-life balance with an open and supportive management culture.
    • Cultivate employee success and well-being by creating a culture that promotes health and wellness. 
    • Foster an organizational environment that is motivating, rewarding and provides meaningful opportunities for employee growth and development.  

    Core Values

    1. Critical Thinking: Committing to a learning culture devoted to engaging in meaningful developmental opportunities and problem solving through disciplined thinking that is rational and informed.
    2. Customer Focus & Innovation: Providing customer-focused solutions that are timely, proactive, and forward thinking by means of innovation, adaptability, prudent risk-taking, and application of best practices.
    3. Diversity & Inclusion: Recognizing the differences in people and leveraging those differences to maximize the performance of Human Resources and the University as a whole.
    4. Integrity: Conducting ourselves in an honest, ethical, and forthright manner with an unwavering commitment to fairness and doing what is in the best interest of the University.
    5. Performance Excellence: Providing the highest quality services effectively and efficiently, while maintaining an adaptability to change that meets the dynamic needs of the University and our constituencies.
    6. Professionalism & Accountability: Conducting business in a highly proficient and proactive manner that exhibits integrity, a spirit of collaboration, respect, continuous improvement, and exceptional service while accepting responsibility for our actions and our work product.
    7. Strategic Partnering: Embracing the interconnectivity that exists with our partners in Human Resources and throughout the campus community to develop strategic solutions by fostering a culture committed to effective collaboration.
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