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2017 Winners of the Prudential Productivity Awards

Florida State shines in annual productivity competition!

Twelve nominations from Florida State University have won 2017 Prudential Productivity Awards.

The annual program recognizes state employees' work that significantly and measurably increases productivity and promotes innovation to improve the delivery of state services while saving money for Florida taxpayers and businesses. This year, cash and plaque awards will be presented at the annual Awards Ceremony in June to individuals and teams for their award-winning solutions and productivity improvements for the state government.

The winning Florida State individuals and teams are detailed below:


Early Childhood Court Team
Award Winners: Mimi Graham, Sandra Neidert, John Couch, Leigh Merritt, David O'Kane, George Roberts
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $100,000 - $499,999

Faced with a beleaguered child welfare system, a university-judiciary partnership created a new more efficient and effective approach called Early Childhood Court that has resulted in substantial savings to taxpayers by educating judges on trauma, linking the courts with fast tracked therapeutic services and gathering data documenting improved child and family outcomes in 17 jurisdictions across Florida. Florida's Early Childhood Court Team arose from a partnership between the Florida State Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy and the Office of Court Improvement that began in order to address the influx of young children into Florida's Dependency Courts.

Nariman Nusserwanji
System for Reporting HVAC Problems
Award Winners: Nariman Nusserwanji
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $50,000 - $75,000

Nariman Nusserwanji, Sr. Controls Engineer - Utilities and Engineering Services, engineered, designed and programmed multiple building systems to report problems from over 850 major HVAC equipment encompassing 95 campus buildings on to a single screen.

Scientific Equipment Application Team
Award Winners: William Sweeney, Thayumanasamy Somasundaram, Claudius Mundoma, James Stephens, Donna Trumbower, Carlos Murphy, Kyle Gower-Winter, Rebekah Dorn
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $100,000 - $499,999

In an effort to cut down on the costs associated with duplicate science equipment purchases and leverage existing technologies to meet an emerging need, the Scientific Equipment application was created by an interdisciplinary team to promote the shared tracking and use of equipment across the University community.


Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce Training Team
Award Winners: Karen Oehme, Malia Bruker, Anthony Ferraro, Andy Opel, James Sampson, Ann Perko, Kirsten Castillo
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $100,000 - $499,999

In order to improve parents' and children's lives, the FSU Team built an online, interactive training called "Successful Co-Parenting After Divorce" that has already had over 2,000 Floridian participants, so that parents could have free, online, interactive training to reduce conflict and improve cooperation after divorce.

High School Dual Enrollment Team
Award Winners: Sara Hamon, Holly Hunt, Angela Hockin, Christina Pater
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

The High School Dual Enrollment team conducted a business process reengineering of student application and registration processes, resulting in streamlined procedures, new written and electronic resources, and integration of required academic advising to capitalize on statewide general education core courses for maximum transferability, reducing student costs and time to degree.

FSU Graduation Department
Award Winners: Erin Marshall, Vivian Hayes, Justin Beck, Andreina Castillo, Loretta Veenstra, David Yancey
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

In response to University goals to become more ecofriendly and reduce office traffic, the FSU Graduation department created an online system to process university graduation checks to replace a previously utilized process that was outdated, time-consuming, and expensive.

FSU Budget Team
Award Winners: Gail Friedrich, Ken Gloeckner, Alex Manduley, Anne Hudgens
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

This team helped develop a user-friendly application and accurate, timely reports to help FSU better budget their positions/employees and monitor them on a bi-weekly basis.

Document Imaging System
Award Winners: Binh Vuong
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

With a need to seamlessly interface faxed documents to FSU's document imaging system, Binh Vuong, Technology Specialist - Admissions, developed a program to modify the resolution of 32,386 faxed documents which allowed them to be viewed in a student's file.


FSU Admissions and IT Team
Team Leader: Megan Eng Benson
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

As part of an effort to increase the enrollment of under-served students, FSU Admissions staff partnered with IT to engineer a new electronic process, Soup to Nuts, which has resulted in dramatically reduced processing time and more informed and timely admission decisions.

FSU Foundation Office of Financial Services
Team Leader: Holly Newell
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $0 - $24,999

Florida State University Foundation's Office of Financial Services initiated a project to review approximately 2,800 funds held on behalf of Florida State University to ensure identifying characteristics were properly assigned to each fund enabling the University the ability to access financial or other fund information via online web reports.

CPALMS Team at the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Team Leader: Rabieh Razzouk
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $10 million +

The CPALMS (, team created a web-based platform that enables Florida educators to collaborate and access free information, high-quality instructional materials, and software applications to use for K-12 classroom instruction.

International Programs Team
Team Leader: James E. Pitts
Cost Savings Estimate Range: $50,000 - $99,999

The team created an online reporting system to replace paper forms providing details of independent travel pursued by International Programs students, faculty and staff.

Application information for the 2018 Prudential Productivity Awards competition will be announced to the University community as soon as it is received. For more information, visit or contact FSU Agency Awards Coordinator, Sarah Hubbard at or (850) 645-1326.