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2016 Winners of the Prudential Productivity Awards

Florida State shines in annual productivity competition!

Eight team entries from Florida State University have won 2016 Prudential Productivity Awards.

The annual program recognizes state employees' work that significantly and measurably increases productivity and promotes innovation to improve the delivery of state services while saving money for Florida taxpayers and businesses. This year, cash and plaque awards will be presented to nearly 605 individuals and teams for their award-winning solutions and productivity improvements for the state government.

The winning Florida State teams are detailed below:


Chuck it for Charity Team
Achievement: Chuck it for Charity Program
Award Winners: Elizabeth Swiman, Willie Wiggins, Dave Sagaser, Judd Enfinger, Chandra Myrick, Tiffany Karnisky, Mark Whatley, Julie Bickford

Chuck it for Charity is a program designed to collect all the "stuff" left behind during student move-out. Items are sorted, weighed, and donated to local community organizations in support of their work and the people they help. Since 2010, Chuck it has diverted over 87 TONS of material from the landfill (a cost savings for the university - in landfill tipping fees, labor, and fuel costs), all of which have a second life in Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Additionally, by expanding the program to include furniture and other large household items as a means to effectively manage property during closures, an additional 145 TONS were diverted from the landfill (plus associated savings to the University).

Joseph O'Shea
Achievement: Eliminating inefficiencies in the grant application/review process
Award Winners: Joseph O'Shea

Joe O'Shea, Director of the FSU Center for Undergraduate Research and Academic Engagement (CRE), has led various grant review committees through a cumbersome process. Seeing the need for streamlining, Joe researched and located FluidReview, a product from SurveyMonkey. FSU now has a novel contract with the company SurveyMonkey for their FluidReview product that allows all departments to easily and quickly build automated portals through which they can host, collect, and review information and applications of all kinds, without incurring additional costs or requiring technical talent. This effort has resulted in a minimum total savings of $14,583.


Cellular Allowance Program Implementation Team
Achievement: Development and implementation of a Cellular Communication Services Allowance Program
Award Winners: Stephen Whitney; Sarah Monbarren; Dianna Edrington; Harvey "Buck" Buchanan; Shelley McLaughlin

Florida State University Information Technology Services (FSU-ITS) established a team to develop and implement a Cellular Communication Services Allowance Program for positions where the job functions required offsite work or access to email or enterprise networks/applications outside standard business hours. As a result of the team's effort, Florida State University has reduced administrative overhead expenses by approximately $70,000; and realized a 26% increase in cellular carrier rebates.

Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit Team
Achievement: Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit
Award Winners: Brian Barton; David Beck; Phaedra Harris; Beverly Miller; Derek Blauer; Scott Otte; Linda Lieblong; Lorrie Harvey

This project solved two problems associated with the University's method of distributing health insurance subsidies. After extensive planning the team put together a solution that made the subsidy a tax-free benefit and incorporated a payroll deduction system that made paying for the remaining insurance policy easier for students. This project saved the University $721,678 from the central allocation and created a tax savings to students receiving the benefit estimated at $561,131 for 2014-2015. These savings will recur each year to the University and to eligible students.

Library Express Delivery Service
Achievement: Retrieve and deliver library materials to researchers
Award Winners: Dan Schoonover; Gloria Colvin; Reggie Jones; Gloria Gibson; Carol Mayhall; Darrell Collier; Mike Siriwardena

The LEDS team designed a system to search for and retrieve library materials for the researchers and then deliver those materials to their offices. Since its launch in 2007, the Library Express Delivery Service (LEDS) has saved Florida State University $1,754,300 in faculty and graduate assistant time, $219,287 in annual savings, as well as greatly assisting faculty in their research.

Steve Fryman
Achievement: Repurposed mail boxes to securely issue push to talk cell phones
Award Winners: Steve Fryman

Steve Fryman, Facilities Key Shop Supervisor, gained permission to remove and secure 25 sets of mail boxes that were scheduled to be discarded as part of the demolition of FSU's Alumni Village. The purpose was to use one or more of the boxes to store "push to talk" cell phones securely and to facilitate the issuance of these phones to employees on a daily basis. Building Services Supervisors use the recycled mail boxes to store phones saving the University $1,000. There are more than 20 mail boxes remaining in storage and the University plans to use several of these for Grounds phone storage generating more future savings.

Telecom Vendor Contract Compliance Program
Achievement: Implemented a contract compliance program
Award Winners: Sean Bankston; Jim Begue

Florida State University Information Technology Services (FSU-ITS) implemented a contract compliance program, the first phase of which focused on a multi-year service agreement between a telecommunications provider and Florida State University. As a result of the team's efforts, FSU-ITS has: (1) identified and completed the removal of 176 inactive circuits; (2) implemented more competitive consortium pricing for domestic long distance; (3) reduced recurring operating expenses by $145,000; and (4) obtained one-time credits totaling $106,000.

The Utilities & Engineering Services Team
Achievement: Developed a new high performance model, utilizing interns
Award Winners: James F Stephens; Jacqueline Bucheck; Leslie Dunn; Parth Patel

The Utilities & Engineering Services team at Florida State University developed a new high performance model and changed the management structure to better support a high performance work environment for student interns. Under this new model, interns have reached goals that would be laudable for experienced technical professionals. In addition to reducing costs, they changed the perception of the types of work available in the public sector and the capability of student employees, as well as increasing the performance expectations for the entire workgroup.

Application information for the 2017 Prudential Productivity Awards competition will be announced to the University community as soon as it is received. For more information, visit or contact FSU Agency Awards Coordinator, Sarah Hubbard at or (850) 645-1326.